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Take a look at what our sent teachers say about us in our Travel and Teach reviews below:

Camilo Montoya Guevara

September 2014

“The service provided by Travel and Teach exceeded my expectations. They were very attentive towards by questions and concerns, keeping updated during every step of the job placement process. The amount of communication back and forth surprised and satisfied me, particularly when it came to interview preparation and resume review. Their help and advice led to my success in the interview for my current job and their constant attention eased any doubts I may have had about accepting the job and moving to Korea. “

Alcia Simmons

July 2014

“I was really happy with the help in getting the position. Travel and Teach followed up regularly which a lot of recruiters don't do, which helped make the process less stressful when you're kept in the loop with whats happening. The resources provided were helpful. This will be my second year in Korea so I already knew a bit but was still really helpful. I have recommended Travel and Teach to friends. It was by far the best experience I've had dealing with recruiters. “

Nikki Burau

January 2014

“Overall I think Travel and Teach did a great job placing me at a school and helping me get all my paperwork completed. I would and I have recommended them to other people looking to teach in Korea.“

Allen Schlachter

August 2013

“I was satisfied with the services provided by Travel and Teach. The service was made seamless, understandable and professional. I was provided more information than thought possible and have reaped the benefits. Any issues that arrived in the unique process to teach in Korea were handled swiftly by the Travel and Teach team. I would encourage and recommend any and all of my friends seeking a life changing experience to give Travel and Teach a call.“

Joseph Previte

June 2013

“I was very satisfied with the service that I received from Travel and Teach. I was using a recruiting before using Travel and Teach. I was given a person to oversee me in the process. Everything seemed to be going well. Three months later I thought something was wrong. I kept e-mailing the person overseeing me and I did not get any responses. My questions or e-mails were felt unanswered. I wrote once again to the head of the company but my problem was never fixed. I was now in the process of finding a job for 6 months now. I finally gave up and found Travel and Teach and within days I received a phone call from my recruiter. I told him my story and before I knew it he had me lined up with a great school. This gave me the impression that Travel and Teach really thought of me as a person and not just as a means of making profit.“
“I honestly do not think I have any input on how to make your service any better. I went through a lot of recruiters and Travel and Teach was by far the best and fastest. I am extremely happy with everything. Thank you.

Monica Hong

May 2013

“Yes, overall, Travel and Teach was very quick in responses and contacting me in general. All my questions were answered in a clear manner. I was really satisfied with how quickly I was able to find a job through Travel and Teach.“

Susan Kirschner

April 2013

“I was satisfied with the work that Travel and Teach put in to ensure the success of my goal. Even through a few bumps in the road, they worked diligently at finding a position for me. I would recommend using their services to other people looking to teach English in Korea.“

Luke Head

March 2013

“All of my issues and concerns were answered by Travel and Teach and the packages that they send you do a tremendous job in answering a lot of your questions. My recruiter also had a great knowledge of Korea, having done this experience himself for multiple years. I could not be happier with the school that they got me a job at. I would without a doubt recommend the services of Travel and Teach to others looking to come over to South Korea.“

Sara Wylie

January 2013

“I was very satisfied with Travel and Teach. They stuck with me and continually helped me to find employment, and were also extremely informative which was great. The information booklet that came with the job offer was really helpful to prepare for the change in culture as well. I would refer Travel and Teach to other people, as it was really good to find a recruiter who actually helped me to find employment.“

Aaron Gall

December 2012

“Travel and Teach communicated with me really well. My e-mails were replied to promptly and if they needed to get in touch with me urgently they called me on the phone. They also found me a satisfying job. ”
“The information packets were really well put together and had good information. In addition, I think taking the online TEFL course helped put me in the teaching mindset. Therefore, I think Travel and Teach helps prepare clients well.“

Chase Cribbins

December 2012

“Travel and Teach were very helpful and quick with their responses. Any concerns of mine were addressed and I would therefore recommend using Travel and Teach to other teachers. ”

Dana Lea

October 2012

“I was extremely satisfied with the services provided by Travel and Teach. I have been placed into a school that is completely satisfactory and before my trip all of my questions were quickly and fully answered.They were most helpful and very attentive to all of my concerns. I would absolutely recommend using their services to other people. ”

Brent Laing and Monique Mullenaux

August 2012

“We were more than happy with the relationship we had with Travel and Teach. We never felt like we had to wait to hear back on things. Answers were prompt and thorough for us. The information we received helped us feel more prepared starting out; the packets on how to begin teaching were particularly reassuring to us because we don't have a background in English or teaching.”


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