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The Process to Teach in Korea

Korean Lanterns The entire process of finding a job teaching in Korea can be a little bit overwhelming, especially if it is your first time teaching overseas. We at Travel and Teach completely understand this as we were once in the same position as you. We therefore take the necessary time to explain each step of the process to you, so that there is no guessing involved.
To give you a summary of how things work, we have outlined the steps from start to finish. Don’t worry if things sound complicated - we are here to help!

Once you have submitted all of your necessary information to us (application form, resume and photo), we will review it and get back to you to request an interview. Upon your acceptance with us after the interview, we will start moving forward with your file.
Be sure to have all of your documents at your disposal, which includes: a valid, up to date passport (at least 6 months validity on it), a hardcopy of your original university degree, 2 sets of officially processed transcripts (sealed, signed and dated) and 4 passport photos (color and date stamped, sized 3.5 x 4.5 cm). You will also need to obtain a criminal check as well as the fill out the self health check form. For specific instructions, please go to the Documents Needed To Teach English in Korea section..
*If you are from Canada and want to teach abroad, you will need to have your RCMP criminal check notarised and then brought to the Korean consulate closest to you to have it checked and approved before sending your documents to Korea.
*If you are from The U.S. and want to teach abroad, you will need to have your FBI criminal check approved by the Apostille office closest to you. For a list of these offices, please go to our Teacher Resource Section under Apostille Offices.
We will start formally presenting your profile that we create to our schools in Korea that match the criteria on the application you submitted to us, in addition to any details we discussed over the phone and via email.
Once a school indicates an interest in your profile, we will present you with a thorough job description.
If you are interested in the teaching position that we offer you, we will contact your chosen school to arrange an interview.
If the interview is a success, the school will send us a contract for you to review.
*Please be advised the majority of Korean ESL teaching contracts are generic in nature. We will provide proper explanations of things you may not be familiar with.
Upon accepting the position, you will then send your documents to the school in Korea. They will then take your documents to the immigration office to start the first part of the visa process.
Once the processing is completed in Korea (1-2 weeks), they will send us your ‘visa issuance number’ which we will send to you.
You will then bring this issuance number to the closest Korean consulate to you, along with your passport, a set of your sealed transcripts, 1 official passport photo and the visa application form. If the consulate is not within your proximity, you will need to mail your documents with a prepaid return envelope enclosed.
The consulate will charge you a processing fee for this service. This fee will vary depending on what country you reside.
The consulates will hold your passport for up to 7 business days. We advise contacting the appropriate consulate before visiting or mailing anything to them to confirm their address as well as their visa procedures and requirements.
For numbers and addresses, please visit our list of Korean consulates.
Once your visa is completed, we will start making arrangements for your plane ticket.
When you arrive in Korea, we will have all of the arrangements made in order to get you from the airport to your apartment.
*It takes on average 3-5 weeks for the process to teach in Korea to be completed (from the time when you have all of your documents prepared). The length of time will vary based on the time of year and how busy the consulate is at the time when you apply. This process may seem a little bit confusing, but we will guide you through it and answer any questions that you have along the way
Within 3 weeks after arriving in Korea, you will need to visit a hospital or a local doctor to undergo a health screening. They will be checking for HIV, other contagious diseases, as well as the presence of any hard illegal drugs. They will also be testing for marijuana. If you test positive for any of these, it could result in you losing your job as well as in your visa being revoked.

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