If you’d like to teach English and experience another culture, there are a few steps you can take to help get the job you want:

1. Present your best image: Through the hiring and interview process, dress like a teacher. For guys, slacks, shirt and a tie. For girls, a skirt, blouse, nylons, and dress shoes.

2. Bring your credentials: If you have a degree or certificate (TEFL, EFL, etc.) make sure you bring a copy to show the school.

3. Highlight your teaching experience with children: Even if you’ve only worked with Cubs or Brownies, or taught music lessons to local kids, it will be surprisingly helpful.

4. Become friendly with the staff: You want to choose a school with a good personal fit, and the staff will be your best source of information on what to expect from each school.

5. Know the local culture: It should be obvious, but every culture has its own customs and idiosyncrasies. As a teacher, you want to be careful not to unwittingly upset your students and their parents.