There are countless benefits to teaching in Korea! Besides the amazing cultural experiences and travel opportunities, it’s also a great place to earn a good salary and save a ton of money! But while it’s easy to save money when in you’re in Korea, how much are the costs to getting a teaching visa in Korea? In this post, we’ll walk you through the costs of what you’ll have to pay before you get to Korea!

Visa Document Costs

Police Check = $25 – $50

The type and cost of police background checks vary depending on which country you are from.

Transcripts = $0 – $35

For many universities, it is free to order sealed transcripts. Also, you will need two copies of the transcripts.

Apostilled Documents = $0 – $50 per document

The cost of the apostille varies depending on which country you are from and which apostilling service you use.

Visa Fee = $40 – $65

The cost of the E2 visa application fee depends on which country you are from and which consulate you go through. It is best to call the nearest consulate to you in advance to find out its particular fee.

Airfare = $700 – $1200

All schools offer one-way airfare to Korea. Some schools will pay for the ticket upfront, but many other schools require teachers to pay for the plane ticket. The teacher is then 100% reimbursed after they arrive in Korea. Schools have this policy because some people have tricked schools into buying them a free plane ticket to Korea by never actually showing up at the school.

Recruiting Agency Fee = $0

Travel and Teach charges its teachers NO money! There are some corrupt recruiters out there who charge teachers hundreds, even thousands of dollars to “secure” them jobs. Please beware – those are scams! There is no need for you to pay a recruiter any kind of fee.


Although there are definitely some costs to getting a teaching visa in Korea, they will in total be less than your first month’s paycheck! Once you get to Korea, you will not only be earning great money and paying ZERO money for rent, you also get to take advantage of countless other amazing and financial benefits. Don’t wait for this incredible opportunity – sign up to teach English in Korea now!








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