Like all countries, there are many important Korean holidays. You will recognize some holidays such as Christmas. However, there are also some very unique holidays in Korea. These holidays are great opportunities to rest or travel. Also, they will teach you about Korean culture. Here are a few of my favorite holidays in Korea that you will definitely want to learn about!

Traditional Korean Holidays

The first major Korean holiday in the year is the Lunary New Year or Solnal. It also often called the Chinese New Year. It represents the first day of the lunar calendar. Accordingly, the date changes each year. Most Koreans celebrate this with their families. Often, Koreans wear traditional clothes such as the hanbok and they eat traditional soup with rice cakes.

Another very important Korean Holiday is Chuseok. This holiday is similar to America’s Thanksgiving. It celebrates the harvest of Earth. Like the Lunar New Year, it is typically a family holiday and its dates vary. It always occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. Songpyeon, a sweet rice cake, is the most commonly eaten food on this holiday. People also exchange gifts on this holiday. During my time in Korea, I received gift bags filled with toothpaste, shampoo and even spam!

Fun Korean Holidays

One of my personal favorite holidays in Korea is Pepero Day. This holiday occurs on November 11th. To celebrate this Korean holiday, which happens on 11/11, people give out Pepero sticks, which are thin, sugary sticks. Some argue that the sticks represent the ones in 11/11. The holiday definitely lacks the history of the other celebrations. Nonetheless, it’s a fun excuse to be given lots of sweets from your students!

There are countless other fascinating holidays in Korea, such as Children’s Day and several types of Valentine’s Day. While living and teaching English in Korea, you will experience many new events. Be sure to do some research on each one so you can get the most out of the experience!

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