There are so many options of where you can teach English Abroad! Nowadays, there are jobs in just about every non-English speaking country. That is because the demand for learning English all around the world is very high. Nonetheless, Korea remains one of the absolute best places to go for several key reasons. Besides offering some of the highest salaries and best benefits in the world, the system for teaching in Korea is very, very clear. There are four key questions that you need to answer to qualify for teaching in Korea! Just read the following post and you’ll know exactly what are the requirements to teach in Korea.

Are You Eligible?

Requirement #1: Citizenship

The first requirement to teach in Korea is being a citizen of an English speaking country. To qualify, you must have a passport from one of the following places: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand. If you come from one of these places, then you can move onto the second requirement!

Requirement #2: Bachelor’s Degree

You must have a bachelor’s degree. Without one, it is impossible to teach in Korea. The good news, though, is that it doesn’t matter what your major is! Sometimes the degrees vary between three and four years. If you aren’t sure that your degree counts, just send us an email and we’ll answer you right away.

Requirement #3: Police Background Check

The third requirement to teach in Korea is getting a police background check. For example, Americans will need an FBI check and Canadians have to get an RCMP check. The most important thing is that your police check requires you to get fingerprinted. (Some simpler checks do not require fingerprinting, but these will NOT be accepted by Korean immigration!). If you have any violations for minor offenses like speeding or parking violations, then that shouldn’t be an issue. However, if there are violations for drugs and alcohol, those will prevent you from teaching in Korea.

Requirement #4: Medical Exam

The last of the requirements to teach in Korea is that you must be able to pass a medical exam. You will take this medical exam a week or two after you arrive in Korea. It consists of a basic checkup, but the most important part is the drug test. This test is looking for illegal substances AND anti-depressant/anxiety medication. Unfortunately, in the past there were several incidents of English teachers who were on anti-anxiety medication. For that reason, Korean immigration no longer gives visa to teachers on those medications. Although that rule is harsh, there is no way of getting around it.

If you fall into each of these four categories, then you’re ready for the next steps. All you need to do is submit an application and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Following the visa process is just as straightforward. You’ll be guided through the whole process by one of our Placement Officers. Now that you know all about the requirements to teach in Korea, you should apply now!

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