One of the up and coming teaching locations in South Korea is the state-of-the-art area Songdo. Songdo is located in Incheon, which is also home to Korea’s international airport. Songdo is an amazing place to look for teaching positions because it’s a relatively new area so there are many schools there. Also, Songdo is in a really convenient location in Korea and has many fun things. Here are a few of the reasons why you should teach in Songdo!

Travel and Teach in Songdo

One of the reasons to teach in Songdo is its great location. First, it’s very close to the Incheon International airport. So going on international trips to other countries is really easy because you won’t waste time getting to the airport. Songdo is also convenient for getting to Seoul because the two cities share a subway system. In no more than an hour on the subway, you can be in the heart of Seoul! That means that you can go on plenty of weekend trips to Seoul without any delays. Lastly, Songdo is a great branching off point for exploring other neighborhoods in Incheon. Some of my personal favorites are Chinatown and Wolmido, which is a fun boardwalk with carnival rides and seafood restaurants.

Gorgeous Parks and Canals

Songdo is also a beautiful place to live if you like being outside. The area has many parks including a replica of New York’s central park. It’s an amazing place to spend the day. You can paddle boats through the lake, walk through countless nature trails and picnic on rolling hills by the water. The city also boasts Venetian style canals, which makes walking through the town beautiful and interesting.

Another advantage to living in Songdo is its balance of big city amenities with smaller city peace and quiet. Unlike downtown Seoul, Songdo is easy to navigate and there is not a lot of traffic or pollution. However, you still have access to major shopping centers, great international and Korean food and plenty of nightlife. In short, it’s the perfect balance and size!

There are many schools looking for teachers to teach in Songdo! And no matter what you’re looking for, you should be able to find something. That is because Songdo has a little bit to offer for everyone who is either visiting Korea or living and teaching there!

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