backpack21.JPGThe advice below is for both females as well as males. It might be obvious to say, but females will naturally have more to pack.

Below are some suggestions for what you should consider bringing with you when going overseas to Korea to teach English.

Here is a quick list of what to bring:

1) Something to remind you of home: You might get a little bit homesick, especially when you first arrive in Korea, so it is good to bring some reminders from home. This might be in the form of pictures or keepsakes that remind you of family and friends.

2) A present for your new Korean boss: While this is not something that is expected, it is always a nice gesture that will start off the relationship on the right foot.

3) Deodorant: This is often really hard to find in Korea (or expensive if you do find it), as mostly all Korean men and women do not use deordorant. The reason for this is that Koreans lack the gland that causes body odor.

4) Shaving cream and razors: Again, hard to find and expensive if you are able to find these items. Korean men do not grow much hair on their face as men from western countries do, so these are not very popular items.

5) Your own towel: Korean towels are usually less than half of the size of towels that are used in western countries, as Koreans usually them once or twice, then throw them in the wash. If you do not think that you can get used to using these ‘mini’ towels, you may want to bring your own.

6) Your own pillow: Korean pillows tend to be hard and are usually small in size. If you’re used to a comfy down-filled pillow, you may want to bring your own.

7) Medication: If you require certain medication, you may want to stock up before you go. Medicine in Korea is very cheap, so if you can find out if pharmacies in Korea carry your medication, it might be best to buy it there.

8) Work clothes: When you are teaching English, you want to look professional, but you don’t want to wear your best clothes, as kids tend to be a little dirty, and will most likely get their hands on you. It is good to bring enough work clothes to last you for a week or so, and to rotate your wardrobe. You will not have the room in your backpack to bring more than this, and it is important to remember that you will want to travel light, especially if you plan to travel after your contract in Korea is finished.

9) Clothes for each season: Korea has four seasons, so you need to bring clothes to account for each of these seasons. It is possible to find larger sizes for clothes in Korea, but you can’t really rely on the styles that you will find, especially if you are in a smaller city.

Keep in mind that even if you forget some items from home, you might be able to find them in Korea, or failing that, you can always have them sent to you.

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