When preparing to leave for a teaching position in Korea, people are usually focused on things like getting their visa documents prepared, saying goodbye to friends and family and packing what they will need for the upcoming year.

Most people don’t even consider getting traveler’s insurance to teach in Korea – and for good reason – as all Korean schools are required to provide 50% of the medical insurance once you land in Korea. Unfortunately, this insurance does not cover all that much.

What is covered by Korean medical insurance

The medical insurance provided by your school in Korea covers things like trips to the doctor’s office and prescriptions, should you need them. A standard trip to the doctor will set you back around $15-30 but with  insurance, you will only pay around $3-7. Prescriptions also come at a lower cost.

What is covered by traveler’s insurance

Traveler’s insurance covers you for pretty much everything else. Some examples are:

  • Hospital visits
  • Emergency surgery
  • Family transportation – cost of round-trip + expenses in case of hospitalization
  • X-rays, lab testing
  • Paramedic services
  • Dental – accidental injury and surgery
  • Trip insurance (including to and from Korea + other countries)
  • Lost baggage
  • Lost or stolen passport or tickets
  • Evacuation in case of war or terrorism

Getting traveler’s insurance to teach in Korea will add to your overall cost of your trip, which is an expense that you may have not thought of. However, you should consider the costs of  the ‘what if’s’ and remember that things don’t work in Korea the same way they do back home. It’s good peace of mind and not very costly.

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