People who are new to teaching abroad and especially teaching in Korea might not know about the Korean school system. It differs significantly from schools in Europe and North America. For starters, the Korean school year begins in March. For those positions, it is common for teachers to arrive in Korea by the middle of February so they can begin their training. Second, there are two large hiring waves for Korean schools – March and August/September. Because of these differences, many applicants don’t know when to apply for jobs in Korea!

Peak Hiring Seasons

If you want to start teaching at either of these times, it is advisable to apply at least 2-3 months in advance. Applying in advance is necessary because the visa process takes between 1.5 to 2 months – and that’s if you are consistently working on it! The process includes acquiring documents (transcripts, passport photos, police checks, etc.), mailing the documents to Korea, and applying for the visa. It is best to give yourself ample time to do this so you have enough time to finish. Also, it’s much nicer to have extra time so you don’t have to stress!

Despite the fact that there are two distinct hiring waves, we also have positions opening up all year round! We work with several hundred schools in Korea so at any given time, we have schools looking for teachers. Also, every once in a while teachers have to leave for personal or family reasons. In those situations, schools want to hire replacement teachers as soon as possible. If you have your documents prepared in advance, you can take advantage of a great opportunity. You might even land a position that normally hires more qualified teachers. So, whenever you would like to teach in Korea, we can find you a position to match that desired start date!

Apply Year Round

In short, the moment you become interested in teaching in Korea, you should apply! Over a brief informational interview, we can tell you about the requirements and the visa process. Also, we will share with you the countless benefits and all of the amazing aspects of teaching in Korea. Hopefully now you know when to apply for jobs in Korea.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!

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