Terms of Service

Travel and Teach Recruiting (hereby referred to as ‘Travel and Teach’) has set out these terms and conditions in order to clarify the relationship between you (hereby referred to as ‘the teacher’), your employer in Korea (hereby referred to as ‘the employer’) and ourselves.

I understand that applying to the position of English teacher in Korea (hereby referred to as the ‘Opportunity’) does not ensure that I will be accepted by Travel and Teach. In the event of my acceptance with
Travel and Teach I hereby certify as follows: I understand that I am responsible for obtaining all of the necessary documents required for the Opportunity, including a working visa, passport, criminal record check, as well as some other documents. While Travel and Teach will assist me through the necessary steps in order to obtain all of the required documentation, I understand that all costs and expenses involved in obtaining these documents are completely my responsibility. I understand that in being accepted by Travel and Teach, I will be provided with all of the assistance that is needed in order to prepare me to gain employment in Korea. I am fully aware that acceptance by Travel and Teach does not guarantee that I will gain employment abroad.

I am fully aware that Travel and Teach does not assume any responsibility for any costs related to transportation, accommodations or any other expenses provided by others that are related to the Opportunity. I understand that while Travel and Teach will provide me with a reasonable amount of assistance with this Opportunity, that the contract is made solely between the employer and the teacher whereas Travel and Teach bears no responsibility for breach of contract by either the employer or the teacher. A breach of contract may include, but is not limited to, school closure or bankruptcy of the school. If the teacher is terminated by their employer, Travel and Teach bears no responsibility to find another teaching position for the teacher or to reimburse the teacher for any money lost as a result of the termination.

I understand that it is my responsibility to make myself fully aware of the laws of Korea including all drug laws. I am fully aware that my participation in any illegal activity, including the use of illegal drugs may result in termination from the position, as well as legal action. I understand that if my behaviour in this Opportunity is at any time harmful to my employer, co-workers or students, that I may be terminated from the Opportunity as well have possible legal action taken against me and that Travel and Teach will not be liable for any such actions. I understand that breaking my contract or working for a third party may result in my termination, for which Travel and Teach is not liable.

I am fully aware and fully assume all risks that are involved with the Opportunity, including but not limited to, loss of money, loss of property, property damage, travel delays, sickness, disease, bodily harm and death. I am in sufficient mental and physical health and do not have any mental or physical conditions that would prevent me from performing my duties involved with this Opportunity.

I fully and forever release, waive and discharge and covenant not to sue Travel and Teach (which includes but is not limited to its employees and representatives) from any loses, liabilities, claims, costs, expenses (including but not limited to court costs and attorneys’ fees), actions, suits, from any cause whatsoever (including but not limited to travel delays, loss of property, property damage, sickness, disease, bodily injuries and death), which are a result, directly or indirectly with my connection with my involvement with the Opportunity, either foreseen or unforeseen by Travel and Teach.

I fully understand this agreement and I am fully aware that this agreement supersedes any previous agreement or understandings regarding this subject matter. For no reason may this agreement be changed, amended or modified (in part or in whole), without the unequivocal approval in writing by Travel and Teach. This agreement shall be enforced and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada.

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