Why Use Travel and Teach

Packing your bags and taking off for a year or more to teach ESL in Korea is a very big decision to make, and we realize this. The next decision you need to make is who you are going to trust to get you the right teaching job so that you will have the best experience possible, and one without any hassles.

With a staff of a combined 12 years of experience teaching ESL in Korea, we are well aware of the dangers that exist with dishonest schools, directors and recruiters alike. To avoid problems that can sometimes occur with this experience, we make sure that the schools we choose to work with meet our standards. In order to do this, we have:

  • Researched the school’s history, looking for reputation and financial stability
  • Spoken with the directors, managers and head teachers of the school to learn about how they manage their school and their teachers
  • Contacted current or former teachers to get their opinion of the school

We follow up with every teacher that we send to Korea soon after they start their new position, to see how they are adjusting as well to keep up to date information on the school and how it is running.

Services We Provide

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Step by Step Instruction of the Visa Process. This can sometimes be a little bit confusing, but not to worry, that’s what we are here for!

Plane Ticket Arrangement: We work with an excellent travel agency who will assist you with booking your ticket to Korea. We will also make all of the necessary arrangements for you to be picked up and taken to your apartment once you arrive in Korea.

Information to Prepare You for Your Experience: We provide a complete Information Package to all of our Travel and Teach teachers which includes almost everything that you can expect from your experience teaching abroad. We also provide a first time ESL Teacher’s Guide for our newbie ESL teachers.

Ongoing Support from the Time You Apply to Your Last Day Teaching in Korea: If you have a question, concern or need help with any situation in your personal or work life, simply contact us and we will be there to assist you.

Access to Our Growing Community of ESL Teachers in Korea: Our networks on Facebook and Twitter are a great way to meet people and to keep up to date with what is going on in Korea.


Why Use a Recruiter to Find a Job Teaching English in Korea?

The question should be ‘why not use a recruiter?’ Our service is completely free of charge – yes, completely free of charge – to all of our teachers!  Our knowledge and expertise will be invaluable in preparing you for your time teaching and living in Korea.

If you were to obtain a job directly through a school, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What would you do if you couldn’t properly communicate with the director or other Korean teachers at your school?
  • What if there were issues with your school regarding added working hours, late payment, etc.?
  • After arriving to teach ESL in Korea, what would you do if the details of the job that you accepted were not what you were promised?
  • What if you need to come home unexpectedly? Would you receive all of the compensation that you are owed?

At Travel and Teach, we take great pride in our service and find satisfaction in assisting people in this amazing, life changing experience.  We look forward to you becoming a member of our growing Travel and Teach community.

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