You Won’t Get Bored in Daegu!

Nestled neatly in a valley surrounded by a series of low mountains and rolling hills is Daegu City. Home to South Korea’s largest American military base, the city boasts a population of nearly 2.5 million people. Built on a large rectangular grid, Daegu’s public transportation system consisting of buses, subway, and taxis makes the city a fairly easy one to navigate for those new to the area. Using these methods of public transportation, there are many fun and exciting things to do in Daegu for a new teacher.

As is often the case for anyone living in an urban environment you may occasionally feel the need to get out and stretch your legs a little. The hills and mountains surrounding Daegu offer novice hikers and seasoned adventurers alike the chance to escape the rush of the big city. Interspersed among the hillsides are numerous historic Buddhist temples and monuments that can help a visitor appreciate local customs and religions. Whether one seeks nature, history, or both the trails around Daegu are a great destination for those who like to explore.

Shopping in Daegu

With thousands of individual shops, Seomun is Daegu’s largest marketplace. With open-air as well as indoor shops, westerners who have never experienced an Asian market will be amazed by the range of merchandise available. From textiles, to seafood, there is little that will not satisfy a shopper’s needs.

Along with the markets, there are a wide range of grocery and convenience stores, clothing, and other specialty retail shops. There is little you may need that Daegu cannot provide.

Sports in Daegu

Daegu also offers a range of sporting teams to root for. If you miss the old American past-time, you can watch the Samsung Lions play baseball. Playing at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, this successful ball club has won the Korean series seven times. Soccer fans can watch the Daegu Football Club play at Daegu Stadium. Known as the Blue Arc, this state-of-the-art facility seats over 66,000 people and offers affordable concessions and amenities for fans.

If you would just like to relax and see the sights without the stress of finding your own way around, there are several Bus Tours that operate throughout the city. These tours, narrated via headset in Korean or English, will give you the opportunity to learn about the city’s major landmarks from the comfort of your seat. Safe and affordable, these tours are an ideal way for those new to the city to learn its layout and its variety of entertainment options.

Eating in Daegu

After a day exploring the city, you are likely to be hungry. Daegu has a wide and eclectic variety of options for food. From roadside vendors, to high-end gourmet dining – from Asian specialties to western standards if you are hungry for the taste of home. You are unlikely to go hungry in Daegu.

When you arrive you will find that Daegu has plenty to keep your basic and entertainment needs met. Whether one seeks to shop, have a meal or enjoy the outdoors, explore the city for all of its options and use them to enjoy and enhance your life in Korea – there are plenty of fun things to do in Daegu just waiting for you to explore!

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