The East

We live in time.

We are always at rest.

We are passive.

We like to contemplate.

We accept the world as it is.

We live in peace with nature.

Religion is our first love.

We delight to think about the meaning of life.

We believe in freedom of silence.

We lapse into meditation.

We marry first, then love.

Our marriage is the beginning of a love affair.

Our love is mute; we try to conceal it from the world.

Self-denial is a secret to our survival.

We are taught from the cradle to want less and less.

We glorify austerity and renunciation.

Poverty is to us a badge of spiritual salvation.

In the sunset years of life we renounce the world and prepare for the hereafter.


The West

We live in space.

We are always on the move.

We are aggressive.

We like to act.

We try to change it according to our blueprint.

Technology is our passion.

We delight in physics.

We believe in freedom of speech.

We strive for articulation.

We love first, then marry.

Our marriage is the happy end of a romance; it is a contract.

Our love is vocal; we delight in showing it to others.

Self-assertiveness is the key to our success.

We are urged every day to want more and more.

We emphasize gracious living and enjoyments.

Poverty is to us a sign of degradation.

We retire to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

~Author Unknown

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