Teaching English in Korea comes with a variety of benefits. First and foremost, the salary for English teachers is generally quite competitive and allows for a comfortable standard of living. Many schools also offer housing accommodations as part of the employment package, which can save on living expenses.

Additionally, many Korean schools offer generous vacation time, which allows for ample opportunity to travel and explore the country. Teachers also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Korean culture, learn the language, and make lasting connections with locals.

For those interested in building their teaching skills, Korea offers opportunities for professional development through training sessions and workshops. Teaching in Korea can also be a great way to gain international work experience and make valuable connections for future English teaching job opportunities.

Benefits of Teaching in Korea: 4 Things You Didn’t Think Of

The list of the benefits of teaching in Korea is a long one. Most people think that the two biggest benefits of teaching in Korea is the money that you can make and save while you are there and the ability to travel Southeast Asia during your school’s vacations, after you have completed your contract.

While these two points may be enticing, there are so many more benefits of teaching in Korea that you likely won’t realize until you actually get yourself to Korea.

Making lifelong friends in Korea

When you first arrive in Korea to teach English, you will quickly realize that you have an instant connection with your Western co-workers. The reason for this bond is because you will both experience the same things getting used to life in Korea. Because of this instant connection, it leaves the door open to growing fruitful, often lifetime relationships.

Learning Korean, an up-and-coming world language

Generally, when people are interested in learning a new language, it is often their own country’s 2nd language; in the U.S., people tend to study Spanish, while in Canada, they may opt to learn French.

However, if you have an interest in languages and want to learn one for future benefits, such as job opportunities, learning Korean is at the top of that list. As Korea is continually growing as a major player in the global market, learning how to speak Korean is a fantastic way to open doors to many career opportunities.

Understanding the Korean culture and relating it to your own

Whenever you leave your home country live in another country, there will surely be things that bother you. While you can choose to let these things frustrate you, it is better to have some self reflection and realize just how much your culture differs from the Korean culture…and the reasons for it. Once you are open to this, you will begin to understand that some things are just different and that your way is not necessarily better. With this comes self understanding and growth.

Self growth

In your first week, you may not realize some hidden benefits to teaching in Korea, as you may be focused on the troubles that you are having, such as culture shock or homesickness. While these two issues may not be fun to deal with, when you look back at your struggles, you will realize that they actually made you grow as a person. As the saying goes “If there was no bad there would be no good”.

These are just some of the benefits of teaching in Korea but there are so many more waiting for you to discover! If you are interested in teaching in Korea, apply now by filling out our Travel and Teach Recruiting application form and see how teaching in Korea can benefit you!

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