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TEFL courses got you confused?

With so many options online, it’s difficult to know how to choose the best TEFL courses to teach in Korea. Which are accredited? Which provide the best long term gain for the least amount of money?  Which ones are scams?

With TEFL Source, all of your TEFL/TESOL options in one place.  Whether you are looking to do an online course, a combo course (online and in class) or a specialized course (Business English, Young Learners English), you will find everything you need in the TEFL Source store. And you don’t need to worry about any ‘scam’ courses here; TEFL Source only offers courses that are fully accredited, so you can concentrate on enrolling in the course that feels right to you and have confidence in knowing that it will be recognized by any school in Korea.

Why is being TEFL certified so important to teach in Korea?

As teaching in Korea has become a very popular thing for university graduates to do, ESL schools in Korea now have a lot more people to choose from than they did years ago. While many schools are looking for applicants that hold degrees in Education, most are fine with hiring someone who has some sort of teaching certification. Taking a TEFL course is the easiest way to meet this criteria.

Which is the best TEFL/TESOL course to take on the TEFL Source store?

That depends on how much time you have and if you are applying for a specific ESL position. If you are still in school, you likely won’t have time to do the in-class option, so an online option is probably best. If you are applying to jobs where you will be teaching business English, then you’ll want to explore the ‘specialized’ courses that are offered.


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