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Jesse Kovach
Jesse Kovach
Without a doubt, a great experience for teachers who are looking for something new!
Kathleen A Thornsberry
Kathleen A Thornsberry
I highly recommend Travel and Teach. My recruiter was Jaemin and he was a star!! Your recruiter helps you every step of the way, checks in on you often, and makes sure there is no confusion. I moved to South Korea during the COVID-19 pandemic. Things were delayed maybe a few weeks because of paperwork processing on the US end, but overall it was faster than I thought it would be (3 months from looking into things to getting to Korea). I had heard stories of 'horror hagwons' but they will make sure you do NOT end up at one of those. I love my school and my students, and have made friends with the many other foreign teachers here. Please keep in mind that at the end of the day this is a job, so do not come if you are just looking for a vacation! But it is very rewarding if you love kids and teaching. Also don't worry too much about being in Seoul or Busan, focus on finding a school you'll be happy at and visit other cities later. ETA: you can work in Seoul or Busan if you want to. Don’t let them tell you no. There are plenty of jobs in the cities.
Fabiana Paolini
Fabiana Paolini
Jaemin was so amazing and helped me every step of the way!!! I highly recommend to anyone looking to teach abroad!
Jeremy Rasmussen
Jeremy Rasmussen
My contact has been working very closely with me throughout the hiring processes. He has been very patient and answered all of my many questions thoroughly, especially regarding the visa acquisition process. I have not left for Korea yet, but I had help in purchasing a plane ticket and have my entire itinerary planned out for when I arrive. The experience could not have been made easier. I am looking forward to going out there and starting to work with my new school. Overall, wonderful experience.
Izizia Russell
Izizia Russell
Jaemin with Travel and Teach has been the biggest help during this time. He was able to get me into touch with great schools in the areas I wanted to be in, and was able to answer all my questions in a timely manner. Along with making sure I would be comfortable for my interviews. Jaemin was great at explaining the contract and making sure I had the correct documents ready, especially since things are a bit different right now with covid restrictions. The whole experience was great and I highly recommend them if you're looking for an English teaching job!
Amber C
Amber C
Even though I haven’t left yet, the endless support that Jaemin and Travel and Teach have given me within this process has been incredible and I appreciate it beyond words. Jaemin answered allnif my questions about the process and helped me every step of the way! Ultimately Jaemin was the primary person who put in continuous and endless amounts of effort in order to find me the school that I ended up picking to work at. I can’t thank Jaemin and Travel and Teach enough!
Ana Thonesavanh
Ana Thonesavanh
Thinking about traveling and teaching? Look no further than Teach and Travel. I am satisfied with the help I received, especially from my recruiter, Jaemin. He was quick with responses and always addressed any concerns of mine. Within a week, I was offered a position and Jaemin assisted me throughout the whole process. I would recommend using their services to other people.
Taylor W
Taylor W
Working with Jaemin was super easy and he made all the steps as broken down as possible while completing my job search. He was very responsive to any questions I had. Would definitely recommend this servicer!

5 Star Rating


5 Star Rating

What’s Included in The Travel & Teach Program

From the time you apply to teach English in Korea to your last day there, we are by your side. And the best part? Our service to our teachers is 100% FREE!


teach English in korea

☑ 100% FREE Job placement in Korea

☑ Step by step visa guidance and support

☑ Discounted TEFL certification courses

☑ Pre-departure preparation packages

☑ Discounted international travel insurance

☑ Plane ticket arrangement to Korea

☑ Airport pickup and transport to your school

☑ 24/7 in-country support

  • Open Job Listings
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General Information About Teaching English In Korea

  • What is the education required to teach English in Korea?
    A Bachelor’s degree/diploma in any major is required.
  • How much is the average monthly pay?
    $1,900 – 2,500 USD. All contracts include a free single apartment + paid airfare.
  • What is the cost of living per month in Korea?
    Around $500-$700 USD. This is dependent on your spending.
  • How much is the job placement fee?
    $0. We do not charge teachers any fees for our service. We collect a fee from our schools instead.
  • How much can I save each month teaching in Korea:
    Typical monthly savings range from $1,200 – 1,600 USD/month.
  • What are the main hiring months in Korea?
    We have open positions each and every month of the year.
  • What is the average number of teaching hours per week?
    25-30 hours of in-class teaching. Lesson prep time is included in these hours.
  • What benefits are provided by schools in Korea?
    Fully furnished single apartment, airfare, national pension + contract completion bonus.
  • Is TEFL certification required to teach English in Korea?
    This will depend on your qualifications & experience. Read more about TEFL certification here.
  • What type of students will I be teaching?
    Kindergarten, elementary and high school.
  • How long is the teaching English in Korea program for?
    Contracts are for 12 months and can be extended after completion.

Established in 2001, Travel & Teach Recruiting Inc. has placed 1000’s of university graduates in teaching positions in cities across South Korea. With full visa and in-country support, Travel Teach is a leader in the ESL industry. We have always stayed close to our mission, which is to share our passion for traveling and teaching; as past English teachers in Korea ourselves, we want your experience to be as good – or better – than ours was. Our service has always been free for our teachers and always will be.

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