How to Obtain an FBI Check to Teach in Korea

If you are a bit confused as to how to obtain an FBI check to teach in Korea you have come to the right place! While the rules and requirements for documents needed for the E2 visa for Korea have changed, things have actually been made a little easier for those looking to teach English in Korea.

In 2015, Korean immigration changed their rule and began accepting FBI checks that were processed by 3rd party FBI channelers for the E2 working visa. Prior to that, U.S. applicants were requited to submit FBI checks that were only done through the FBI. Due to the high demand for these background checks, it was taking up to 4 months for people to obtain this essential document to teach in Korea.

Which FBI Channeler Should I Use for my Working Visa for Korea?

FBI Check and Apostille to Teach in Korea

Accurate Biometrics Inc., an FBI approved channeler offers the lowest national rate on FBI fingerprinting Accurate Biometrics will have your FBI check results back to you in 24 hours and will then mail them out to you directly on tamper proof paper, which is needed for the Apostille approval.

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How to Obtain an Apostille for your FBI Check and Diploma to Teach in Korea

US Auth 2

To clarify, the ‘Apostille’, is a certification issued by the government that authenticates a public document that can then be used in a foreign country.

There has been a lot of confusion over the years about obtaining an Apostille for the FBI check needed to teach in Korea. The reason for this is because the FBI check is a Federal level document while the Apostille is a State approval. Therefore, the only government body that is able to approve FBI checks is the Department of State in Washington; the problem with obtaining an Apostille from them is the turn-around time, which is supposed to be 2 weeks, but can take up to 6+ weeks, depending on how busy the office is.

To save time and to make the process of getting your Apostille, you can send both your FBI check and your diploma to US Authentication Services, who will Apostille and return your documents within only 3-5 business days.

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