Are you thinking about or planning to teach English in Pyeongtaek, Korea? You’ve come to the right page! Pyeongtaek is south of Seoul and it’s located in the Gyeonggi province. It’s one of the many great destinations in Korea because it’s a mid sized area so you don’t have to worry about pollution or traffic. However, it’s big enough that it has great nightlife, lots of shopping malls and anything else you could want from a big city. It’s also close to Seoul so getting there on the weekend is a breeze. Here are just a few more reasons to consider teaching in Pyeongtaek!

Beautiful Nature and Outdoors Activities

The surrounding areas of Pyeongtaek are actually home to a number of lakes. The most famous is Pyeongtaek Lake, which has many amenities. If you want a personal experience with the water, you can jump in or rent a paddleboat! You can also go for walks around the lake or pick any one of the barbeque spots to grill and have a picnic. It’s hard to beat spending a long day at the lake barbecuing with friends on a nice day!

There are countless mountains and hills around Pyeongtaek. The routes come in all durations and skill levels. So no matter how fit you are, you’ll be able to find a suitable path. Some of the best trails are about 30 minutes outside of Pyeongtaek, which you can easily get to by car or taxi. There are also plenty of routes surrounding Pyeongtaek Lake. These are great because they offer many rest spots with beautiful views of the water. Lastly, you can even go hiking in the nearby Buraksan Nature Preserve.

Shopping and food in Pyeongtaek

If you’re into shopping and food, you should check out the Pyeongtaek International Market. It has tons of international and local shopping stalls that sell anything you could think of. It is a great place to shop, but it’s an even better place for just walking around because there is so much life and activity going on. There are also amazing food stalls here so don’t leave before getting at least a few bites to eat.

The Pyeongtaek area is home to one of Korea’s biggest organic farming movements. Accordingly, there are tons of delicious restaurants in the surrounding areas that offer traditional style Korean food. Some restaurants will even show you how they make some of the traditional dishes. This is a great way to get some tasty local food and explore a bit of the country’s quainter side.

Hopefully you’re convinced now that it is a great idea to teach English in Pyeongtaek, Korea! It has nature, food, shopping and, of course, because it’s Korea, there are tons of spas, karaoke bars and so on. Apply to positions below or learn just how to get started here!

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ere are tons of spas, karaoke bars and so on. Apply to positions below or learn just how to get started here!

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