Teach English in Songdo, the Most Modern City in Korea

Teach English in Songdo, Korea  – one of the most modern cities in the entire country!

The start date for this teaching position is  August 15th, 2024.
JOB HIGHLIGHTS                               High salary | Great location | Excellent working environment | Curriculum provided      
Location Songdo, Incheon South Korea
Working Days Monday – Friday
Working Hours 10 am to 6:40 pm
Age of Students Kindergarten, elementary students
Class Size 10-12 students per class
# of Foreign Teachers 10
Salary 2.1 -2.3 million won per month
Severance Equal to one month’s salary on completion of your contract
Vacation 10 days + All Korean National Holidays
Accommodations Single, fully furnished apartment provided by the school
Health Insurance 50% covered by the school; 50% covered by you
Airfare One-way airfare provided
About The CityAbout The School

Teach English in Songdo, South Korea

More About Songdo 

Songdo is an area in Incheon, which is Korea’s third largest city. Incheon is known as one of the most reputable international business cities in Asia, as it was built by the government as a free trade city.
Incheon has about 400 English schools which therefore means that there is a large community of foreign English teachers living there. The foreign influence in Incheon can be seen through its many western bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

More About the School

This school has been successfully running for many years as they have a great reputation in the local neighborhood, earning the trust and respect as one of the top schools in the area. With a great team of English teachers – both Western and Korean – the working environment at this school is fun and engaging. Teachers help each other with the school’s curricula by contributing ideas to lesson plans that are shared with each other. This makes for less individual work and contributes to the overall team environment.

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