Teach in Daejeon, Korea

Looking to teach in Daejeon Korea? This job could be for you!  Check out the details of this great school in Daejeon Korea that is looking for one male teacher for the start of September.

City Information

Deajeon is Korean’s fifth largest city with over 1.5 million people and is about an hour and a half outside of Seoul but is accessible by bus.  It is known as one of Korea’s historical cities and boasts the second highest population growth in Korea which has resulted in a number of new apartment complex projects and high tech industries.


Daejeon City, South Korea

Starting Date

September 1st, 2016


Payment 2.1 million won per month
Overtime pay will be 20,000 won per hour


5 paid vacation days in the summer 5 paid vacation days in the winter


Equivalent to one month’s salary, upon completion of your contract

Housing/Distance (apartment to school)

Single, fully furnished apartment provided by the school
10 -15 minutes walking distance

Health Insurance

50% covered by the school; 50% covered by you


Round trip airfare provided

Working Days

Monday to Friday


Yes, provided by the school

Age of Students

Kindergarten, elementary and middle school

Class size

10-12 students per class

Foreign Teachers


Korean Teachers


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