Teach in Seoul Korea (Yeouido) Korea

Teach in Seoul alongside the Han River on the amazing island of Yeouido! Great school is looking for 11 female teachers for the end of February.

The start date for this teaching position is February 21st, 2020.
LocationYeouido, Seoul, South Korea
Working DaysMonday – Friday
Working Hours8:10 am to 5:10 pm or 8:40 am to 5:40 pm
Age of StudentsKindergarten/Elementary students
Class Size10 students per class
# of Foreign Teachers11
Salary2.2 million won per month
+ National Pension Plan (100,000 won per month)
SeveranceEqual to one month’s salary on completion of your contract
Vacation10 days + All Korean National Holidays
AccommodationsSingle, fully furnished apartment provided by the school
Health Insurance50% covered by the school; 50% covered by you
AirfareRound trip airfare provided
About The CityAbout The School

Teach in Seoul Korea

More About Seoul and Yeouido

Seoul is the capital and most populated city in South Korea.  With more than 52 million residents, Seoul is 16th on the list of largest cities in the world.

Yeouido is an island that is on the Han River that is home to Korea’s main banking and financial district.

With plenty of green space, Yeouido is a popular destination for those looking to escape the chaos of the city. On weekends you’ll see thousands of people engaging in outdoor activities in the Yeouido park. You will also experience the amazing fireworks shows as well as the blooming cherry blossoms in the spring.

As Yeouido is on the Seoul metro subway line, you can access any part of Seoul in no time!

More About the School

The school has been successfully running for years and have earned a great reputation in the neighborhood for being one of the best for teaching conversational English.

They currently have 11 foreign English teachers who all help each other with lesson creation and planning. Most of the staff also get together at night and on weekends for trips around Korea.

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