Moving to a new country to teach English is not just a solo adventure. Often, people applying want to work alongside their friend from home or their significant other. If you’re in this position, there are a few things you should know to teach in Korea as a couple!

Teach in Korea as a couple

First, is it even possible? YES! There are definitely schools that hire couples and friends. In fact, we place couples together ever year. However, for several reasons these jobs can be more difficult to get than if you were just applying alone.

For starters, many couples often say that they are fine working at different schools as long as they live in the same area and have shared accommodation. However, this is almost impossible to make happen because it requires two schools in the exact same area needing a teacher at the exact same time. Especially for the urban areas like Seoul or Busan, schools in the same city might be an hour or two away from each other.

Teach in Korea with a close friend

Even if that were to happen, there is still the issue of shared accommodation. Most schools continually lease apartments. When one teacher finishes a contract, they leave the apartment and the new teacher moves in. It can be difficult to procure shared accommodation because the directors do not want to give up their lease or waste money with no one living there.

With these two issues, the only realistic option for couples is ending up at the same school. Many schools view hiring couples or close friends as a serious risk. Whether it is the result of homesickness or a family emergency, teachers occasionally end their contracts early. This is even more problematic with couples because if this happens to one person, the significant other will more than likely leave as well. So the school loses two teachers, instead of one. A loss of two teachers at once has caused many schools in Korea to shut down because the remaining staff is not enough to teach all of the students.

The point of this post isn’t to scare you! If you want to teach in Korea as a couple or with a close friend, you definitely can. However, you should have realistic expectations. Couples’ positions are definitely harder to come by. So if your number one priority is being with your partner or friend, you should be more flexible with other variables like location or hours. That being said, we regularly place couples in Korea so get ready for a great experience whether you’re single or in a relationship!

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