Are you looking for your first job after university or wanting to make a switch in careers? Or just looking for a fun way to spend a year teaching abroad? Korea offers countless teaching benefits, making it one of the best places to teach English in the world. Teachers earn competitive salaries and get some of the best perks. They also get a host of non-monetary advantages. If these Korean teaching benefits sound appealing to you, start researching teaching opportunities in Korea!

Competitive Salaries, Free Accommodation 

The salary is the biggest financial incentive to teaching in Korea. First year teachers will earn around 2.1 million won per month. In any country, that is a solid starting salary. But in Korea, it’s a great salary considering the cost of living is very low. In fact, many teachers save thousands of dollars to cover student loans or save for a home deposit.

In addition to the salary, all teachers receive free accommodation. Accordingly, your salary is actually even more than 2.1 million won because you don’t have to pay any rent. Teachers save tons of money because rent is the biggest expense in Korea. Saving money in Korea (without living frugally) is a breeze, when you combine that with cheap insurance, inexpensive utilities and a low cost of living!

Unique Culture

Monetary benefits are only a fraction of the true benefits of teaching in Korea. Anyone considering moving to a foreign country is probably interested in more than just a competitive salary. They likely want to experience new cultures and have countless travel opportunities. If you can relate to those desires, then Korea is a fantastic place for you.

Korea is the perfect combination of a developed first world country that is still different from the West. It offers immaculate public transportation, cosmopolitan neighborhoods, and plenty of international variety, while still maintaining undeniably Asian qualities. Don’t be fooled by the plethora of North American chains like Pizza Hut and Baskin Robbins. South Korea’s unique culture is everywhere. You can spend time bathing in the hot spas, singing in a karaoke room or grilling your own meat at a barbecue restaurant!

International Travel

On an international level, Korea is the perfect hub for traveling to other countries. It is a few hours from numerous other countries including Japan, China, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and more! No matter how long you’re there, you will never run out of foreign countries to visit on your holidays.

Do you want to earn good money and travel all over Asia? If so, check out the many teaching opportunities in South Korea. It’s hard to pick the best Korean teaching benefits because there are so many!

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