What is TEFL?

TEFL is a certification for ‘Teaching of English as a Foreign Language’

Do I need a TEFL certification in order to teach English in Korea?

The job market in Korea has become extremely competitive, resulting in a decrease of available jobs. In recent years, schools have started looking at the TEFL certification as a minimum teaching requirement if you do not have a major in Education.

What are the benefits of obtaining a TEFL certification to teach in Korea ?

There are both professional and personal benefits to taking a TEFL course: By getting TEFL certified, you will greatly increase your chances of gaining employment in Korea and you will also gain the necessary knowledge to teach ESL in Korea, which will be your full time job for a year or more.

What makes TEFLOnline.com better than the other courses?

TEFLOnline.com is the largest provider of TEFL courses in the United States
and is accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. This certification is therefore recognized anywhere in the world where ESL is taught, including the US and Canada.

TEFLOnline.com offers courses starting from just over $200. Be wary of cheaper courses, as they won’t be recognized by schools because they are not accredited. You also do not need to spend thousands of dollars on other courses that have you teach ESL in another country in order for you to get certified.

Time. The entire course is done online, so you are able to work around your schedule.

You also have the assistance of a teacher that will correct your assignments and give you feedback on your work on your TEFL certification to teach in Korea.

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