South Korea is small country, but it still offers so many fun activities. Travelers or English teachers will definitely experience the major highlights of Korea during their trip or year in Korea. Most people will inevitably visit Seoul and Busan. They will probably hike some famous mountains, visit the beach, and perhaps even go skiing. However, there are many random places too! This post covers what to do in Korea!

Yongma Land

Yongma Land was a small amusement park in Seoul, South Korea from 1980 until 2011. It shut down in 2011 because it could not compete with the larger parks such as Lotte World and Everland. Now, Yongma Land is a creepy, run down amusement park that some people claim is haunted. If you are daring, you can still visit the amusement park. None of the rides work, but for a measly 5,000 won ($5USD), you can walk around the park. It’s definitely weird, but it’s really fun.

What to do in Korea: Jeju Island

Jeju Island is a large island off the southern tip of the Korean peninsula. It is a great place to visit because it has a very different feel than the rest of Korea. It is more laid back, has a more temperate climate and really feels like its own place. Additionally, Jeju has several unique and downright weird places to visit. The Jeju Glass Castle Theme Park is a park where everything is made of glass. It has glass waterfalls, chairs, tables, statues, flowerbeds and more. It also has a beautiful garden that surrounds all of the glass sculptures. Jeju’s Loveland is another must-see. It is possibly the world’s only “love” themed park.

Samtan Art Mine

Jeongseon is a small town on the eastern coast of South Korea. There, the Samcheok coal mine operated from 1962 until 2001. Following its closure, many artists used the abandoned mine as a site for graffiti and other art. The artistic movement grew and grew. Now, the mine is a fully functioning modern art museum. The installations are fascinating and many pay tribute to the lives and experiences of the coal miners that used to work there.

South Korea has so many amazing cities, natural sites, amusement parks and so on. Accordingly, it is often difficult to decide what to do in Korea. Hopefully, this post sheds some light on a few random, weird, but overall very fun things to do!

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