What is the Japan Visa run?

Once in Korea, on rare occasions as it is a costly expenditure for the school, it may be necessary to take a quick trip to Fukuoka, Japan to acquire your E-2 Visa – this process, known as the Japan Visa run for Korea E2 Visa, can be an exciting, if somewhat daunting, experience. The reason for this run is that, while it may take a week or more to obtain the visa in the states, it can be done in as little one two to three days in Japan.

First and foremost it is important to understand the process so as to avoid frustration and confusion. After arriving in Korea, take a few days to settle in while your visa is processed by the Korean immigration office. After this is completed, immigration will offer you a Visa Issuance Number, it is after this occurs that it will be time to travel to Japan to complete the process of obtaining your E-2 work visa.

Getting to Fukuoka

Only a short flight from Seoul, Fukuoka is a convenient destination for schools to send teachers when they need them to complete the process of getting their visa’s quickly. Plan ahead as the cut-off time to complete the application process at the Korean consulate is 11:30 am on weekdays. Because of this try to either take an early morning flight out of Incheon International or plan on applying for your E-2 the day after you arrive in Fukuoka.

Documents Needed for the Japan Visa Run

Make sure to bring all necessary paperwork with you to the consulate. Having these items ready are mandatory to receive your E-2:

  • Passport
  • One (1) Passport-sized photo
  • Completed Visa Application
  • Visa Fee (60,000 Won, ask for details on cost prior to time of departure)

Navigating Fukuoka is fairly straightforward and, like Seoul, transportation is available via subway, bus or taxi. The address of the Korean consulate is 1-1-3 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Japan, 810-0065, and is easily identifiable from the large South Korean flag displayed in front of the building.

Many maps, personal blogs and accounts of the visa-run experience are available online. If you go prepared, plan ahead, and know what to expect, the Japan Visa run for Korea E-2 Visa will be a great opportunity to travel and briefly explore a new city.

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