The E2 visa is the standard teaching in Korea visa. If you are in the process of applying for this visa, you most likely know the basic details of it. For starters, it lasts for twelve months because that is how long all positions in Korea last. It is common to extend your visa or sign on for another year, but that is not automatic.

Teaching in Korea visa – Which is better?

The number of entries is one issue concerning E2 visas. An entry refers to the number of times that a person on a particular visa can leave and re-enter the country. For E2 visas, there are two options: single or multiple. Technically, a single entry E2 visa means that you are not allowed to leave South Korea during your visa duration. This would make it impossible to travel to other foreign countries during your 12 months in Korea.

Some people receive multiple entry E2 visas and some only receive single entry visas. According to the Korean immigration office and consulates, it is impossible to specifically request one over the other. Furthermore, most consulates assign single entry visas by default.

Single vs. Multiple

Although many people are afraid to receive a single entry teaching in Korea visa (because they want to travel internationally), it actually doesn’t make a difference! Once you arrive in Korea, within the first few weeks, your school will help you get your Alien Registration Card (ARC). The ARC is necessary for getting a pension, a bank account and health insurance.

Additionally, with this card, you can travel in and out of Korea as many times as you want. You just need to bring it with you along with your passport when you travel. In short, this means that everyone ends up with a multiple entry visa, no matter if your visa sticker says single entry or multiple entry. There is no need to worry because all E2 visa holders get to enjoy the amazing benefits of living and teaching in Korea!

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