Learn Korean Online With Beeline Language

When planning your adventure to teach English in Korea, a lot of focus is placed on finding the right job in the right location, or with collecting documents necessary for your visa. These are all things that need to be taken care of in order to get to Korea. But what about what happens once you are living in Korea for a year or more? How will you get around? Order food? Go grocery shopping?

Even though Korean people are warm and welcoming, the majority of the population does not speak English, so getting your point across can be a challenge if you don’t speak any Korean.

Some people go to Korea who want to learn Korean as a second language, but others simply want to know enough to be able to live comfortably while teaching there. For either purpose, Beeline Language Korean will help you achieve what you want.

Beeline Language teaches conversational Korean, all taught in an online video series over 3 levels of learning. Each lesson is built around situations you will find yourself in while living in Korea, such as eating at a restaurant, shopping at a store, taking a taxi and more.

The Beginner level teaches you the very basics, starting with ‘hello’. Work your way through 48 lessons, including Grammar and Expressions and Vocabulary Builder Videos.

In Level 2, you will learn everything there is to know about reading and writing Korean – Hangul – so that you can increase your overall understanding of the language.

By the Intermediate level, you will learn to speak in full sentences and will expand on the knowledge you learned in the first two levels.

If you want to learn Korean online to know enough to get by or if you are striving to become fluent, Beeline Language Korean is our recommended way to get you there. With 3 payment options, there’s no reason to delay! Get started today!

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