Preparing for a Phone Interview with a Korean School

Learn what you need to know when preparing for a phone interview with a Korean school so that you will be successful and land yourself that job teaching English in Korea!

If you are about to have an interview with a school in Korea, be aware that your Travel and Teach placement coordinator has already sent your ESL resume, cover letter and your interview results to the school you are interviewing with. The interviewer is therefore aware of your qualifications and ESL teaching experience.

Below are some tips as to what schools are expecting from your interview and tips on how to land yourself a position teaching English in Korea.

What Korean schools are looking for in interviews

Phone Interview Tip #1:

As ESL schools in Korea are looking to see what your personality is like, you need to remember to be personable, enthusiastic and bubbly while on the phone. People often make the mistake of being too serious; keep in mind that the interviewer is looking to see how you will be in the classroom!

Phone Interview Tip #2:

Enunciate; speak slowly and clearly. Remember that the person interviewing you is likely a native Korean speaker, so you need to make sure they understand you.

Phone Interview Tip # 3

Prepare some questions for the interviewer (i.e. about the students, curriculum, class sizes, or anything related to teaching). It is always a good idea to show interest in the school and its students on the phone as the interviewer will be happy to hear that you are interested in these details.

Phone Interview Tip #4:

This may be obvious, but when preparing for a phone interview with a Korean school, you need to remember that while you are interested in all that living and working in Korea has to offer, the school is interviewing you for a teaching position at their school. You should therefore never mention travel opportunities, making money or other benefits about teaching in Korea that are not related to teaching. 

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