When you live and teach English in South Korea, there are many activities to do outside of school. Korea is famous for its spas and Karaoke rooms. It also has tons of mountains and thus tons of hiking opportunities. Many English teachers also use their time in Korea to learn taekwondo, which is a famous martial art that originated in Korea. It’s great to learn taekwondo in Korea because it is a fun and unique way to exercise and learn more about Korean culture.

Taekwondo in Korea – History

Taekwondo was created in the 1940s. It combined several older forms of Korean martial arts with karate. Namsangol Hanok Village is a great place to learn about taekwondo and its history. It is a traditional Korean village center in Seoul that regularly hosts free taekwondo classes and demonstrations. There, visitors learn about taekwondo and watch shows with some of the best adult and child taekwondo teams in Korea. Visitors can even hone their skills while trying to break boards with kicks or punches!

Taking Taekwondo Classes

Besides learning about and watching taekwondo, foreigners can actually take taekwondo lessons. There is no better way to learn about something than to try it yourself! There are tons of taekwondo teaching studios in every city and neighborhood in Korea. So no matter where you are, you will find one nearby. This is a great activity to do before or after work. It is an amazing way to exercise and it’s great for meeting locals and foreigners that share an interest with you.

Taekwondo Shows

Taekwondo’s popularity has grown worldwide significantly since its creation. It is possible to take taekwondo classes all over the world. Also, it is possible to watch taekwondo shows. Many taekwondo schools and teams put on shows to demonstrate their skills and techniques. These shows are a fantastic way to learn more about Korean culture and taekwondo. Moreover, they are really fun because the moves and kicks are very impressive to watch. Taekwondo is now so popular that it is an Olympic sport.

It is impossible to be bored when you live and teach in Korea! There are too many interesting and unique things to do. Taekwondo in Korea is a perfect example. It is fun, healthy and very representative of Korean culture. You should take a taekwondo class or checkout a local taekwondo demonstration!

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