The Gyeonggi province surrounds Seoul and is home to many great cities for living and teaching in Korea. Anyang is located in Gyeonggi Province. It is a great option for English teachers because it has the perfect balance of excitement and calmness. It is incredibly close to Seoul so it is a great base for weekend trips to the capital. In fact, Anyang is so close that you can even easily go to Seoul before or after work on a weekday. Nonetheless, many teachers prefer to live there because it is less crowded and chaotic than Seoul. Besides those reasons, there are a few other reasons why you might want to teach English in Anyang Korea!

Natural Beauty in Anyang

Although it is located in the biggest megalopolis of the country, it actually has a lot of great nature. The peaceful Anyang River serves as a part of the city’s border. There is also a long trail on the river that winds its way all the way back to Seoul. The trail is about 30 miles long. The trail is a perfect place to walk, run or bike. If you are very active, you can even use it as a way to commute to work or to just get some exercise.

It also has a beautiful park called the Anyang Art Park. This is a nice park in the middle of the city that is also home to a large collection of modern sculptures. The park stretches along the side of the river so it too is a great place for walking, running or biking. It is a wonderful place to unwind from the busy lifestyle of downtown Korea. You should definitely check out all of the amazing and interesting art pieces. There are many pieces that will make you think. Regardless, it is a great place to spend the afternoon!

Shopping in Anyang

Anyang Central Underground Mall is a great place for shopping. This place will definitely look familiar to you if you’ve been to any other underground subway mall. However, it is still a fascinating place to people watch whether you live permanently here or are just visiting. Also, it’s a great place to shop because you can find affordable items. You can also find just about anything that you can imagine there.

South Korea has so many interesting and convenient cities. It has huge, chaotic cities like Seoul. And it has much smaller, more peaceful towns in rural areas. Anyang is great because it is perfectly in the middle. It offers great nightlife, plenty of other foreigners and lots of things to do. However, it isn’t too busy or crazy. Many teachers have chosen to live and teach English in Anyang, Korea for those reasons (and many others)!

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