There are many great teaching opportunities in Pohang! However, not as many people know about the city. This is great for locals because the city doesn’t have to deal with the chaos and traffic of the bigger cities like Seoul or Busan. Regardless, there are many reasons to either visit or teach English in Pohang, Korea besides the usual amazing Korean benefits!

Beaches and Waterfalls in Pohang

Pohang is a coastal city on the South Eastern tip of the Korean peninsula. There are many beaches to choose from in Pohang and the surrounding areas. If you want to learn how to surf, you should check out Yeongilman! Jangsa beach is also a beautiful beach for sunbathing, playing games, picnicking and enjoying the waves. Lastly, Bukbu beach is great because it is the longest beach in the area. That means that it’s perfect for beach jogs and walks.

Another highlight in Pohang is Bogyeongsa Temple. This temple is around 1,500 years old and is nestled beautifully into the mountains near Mt. Naeyeonsan. The area also has 12 scenic waterfalls. A trip here is perfect if you just want to relax and take in the scenery. It’s also amazing for hikes and nature walks because there are many paths that zigzag around the complex. You can experience even more nature at Juwangsan National Park. This park is small, but it typifies the natural beauty of Korea. It is full of rocky mountain peaks and hills covered in lush forests. There are tons of trails in the area that cater to all hiking abilities, so it’s perfect for a full day adventure or a leisurely stroll. Lastly, if you want the beauty and smells of nature with slightly less hassle, then you can go to the Kicheongsan Botanical Gardens.

Sports in Pohang

If you like sports, Pohang is a great city to live in or visit because it is home to two different sports teams. A trip to a Samsung Lions baseball game is a requisite Korean experience. Baseball is very, very popular in Korea and even if you’re not a fan, it’s hard to have a bad time at the games. The local fans are constantly singing and chanting and the enthusiasm levels are high throughout the whole game. Also, you’re allowed to bring your own drinks and food into the game. This is completely unheard of in most stadiums around the world! If you’re more of a soccer fan, then you can watch the Pohang Steelers play!

If you want to experience a convenient and hassle free Korean city on the coast, then you should definitely teach English in Pohang, Korea! It offers great nature, beautiful beaches and plenty of other uniquely Korean benefits. Be sure to learn exactly when to apply so you won’t miss a chance to teach here!

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