Teaching contracts in Korea and What You Need To Know

Have questions about teaching jobs in Korea? Here are your answers! If you have any further inquiries, we would be happy to answer them – just send us a message.

Can teaching contracts in Korea be less than one year?

Some Schools will allow you to do this, but usually only if they are desperately in need of a teacher. It is not good for the students, nor appreciated by the parents, to have a new teacher for their kids ever few months, which is why this is not regularly practiced. You will also not receive the full benefits (plane tickets, severance pay, etc.), that are offered in the one year contract.

Is it possible to extend teaching contracts in Korea for another year after the first year?

Yes it is. If you want to stay with the same school, you will not have to leave Korea to get another visa.

I just finished my one year teaching contract – can I transfer to a different school without getting another visa?

Yes you can. You will need your current school to sign a ‘letter of release’ to allow you to work at  a new school.

How do I get out of my teaching contract if I don’t like the school that I am currently working for (therefore breaking my contract)?

You will need the letter of release from your current school. With this, you will be allowed to work at another school, and will need your visa transferred.

Who will buy my plane ticket for me?

The school will pay you back for your plane ticket about two weeks after you arrive in Korea. In the past, schools would buy tickets for their teachers in advance, but some people took advantage of this and took the free flight to Korea without ever showing up at their school, which is why teachers are to buy the ticket first now.

Am I allowed to take on side jobs or work part-time for another school while I am working for my school that I signed a contract with?

The short answer is no. In all teaching contracts in Korea, it will state that you are not to work for anyone other than your school. In some cases, schools will allow their teachers to work part-time elsewhere, but this will require some paperwork for both schools and they are usually not willing to do this.

Am I allowed to stay in Korea for a little while after I am finished my contract or do I have to leave the country as soon as my visa expires?

You are allowed to stay in Korea for an additional 30 days if you report to the immigration office and make them aware that you are doing this. You will need your passport, alien registration card and your plane tickets that specify which dates you will be leaving. Note that it will be illegal for you to work during this period.

Make sure that you are aware the documents needed to teach in Korea before you apply. Once you are ready, you can fill out the Travel and Teach application form.