Teaching English in Korea: Benefits & Salary

There are many considerations when looking for an ESL job overseas in Korea:

♦ What will my monthly paychecks look like?

♦ Will I be able to save money in the year or  more that I am there?

♦ Do I have to pay for my transportation to Korea?

♦ Where will I live? Will the rent for my apartment be covered?


Here is a list of the average compensation that schools offer to teachers in Korea:

Salary: Between 2,000, 000 and 2,500, 000 Won per month (currency converter). Monthly pay depends on education, experience and teaching hours.

Airfare: Free round-trip airfare is still provided at most schools; however schools in larger cities are starting to only offer one-way tickets.

Housing: Free, single, furnished apartment.

Vacation: 10 days paid leave vacation plus all Korean national statutory holidays.

Severance: Equal to one month’s salary, paid upon completion of a one year contract.

Medical: 50% paid by the employer.

Teaching hours: 30 hours a week.

Overtime Pay: Approximately 20,000 Won an hour.

Taxes: 3.3-6%

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