Moving to South Korea to teach English provides teachers with an opportunity to learn about a new culture, travel to exciting international destinations, make new friends, and even learn a new language. Teaching positions also offer competitive salaries in Korea! While there are many industry standards across schools in Korea, not all salaries are identical. Additionally, salaries in Korea vary based on each teacher’s previous experience and credentials.


Salaries in Korea for Teachers with Little to No Experience

Finding a position in Korea is difficult if you don’t have a TEFL or teaching/tutoring experience. However, it is definitely possible for you to get a position if you have some basic experience. The experience should relate to children or teaching/tutoring. Some examples are babysitting, volunteering or working as a camp counselor. For teachers with those types of qualifications, the average teaching salary is 2.1 million won per month. Salaries range between 1.9 million Korean won to 2.2 million Korean won.

Salaries in Korea for Teachers with Some Relevant Experience

The next level of qualifications is teaching experience at a school, whether it is teaching something in your home country or teaching English abroad. These salaries typically range from 2.2 million Korean won to 2.4 million Korean won. Of course, salaries rise with years of experience. If you don’t have this experience, it is a good idea to volunteer at a school.

Salaries in Korea for Teachers with Education Majors and Teaching Licenses

The most qualified applicants have education majors and/or official teaching licenses from their home countries. Most schools want to hire these applicants because they have been trained to teach. These applicants will earn salaries between 2.2 million Korean won and 2.6 million Korean won per month.

There are other issues that impact salaries besides experience. The current demand and supply of qualified teachers affect the salaries greatly. Salaries in the most popular destinations like Seoul or Busan are often lower. Those schools are frequently flooded with applicants so they don’t have to pay as much to entice teachers to come. Nonetheless, if you have excellent qualifications, you can get a high paying job anywhere.

No matter your experience, apply now! There are thousands of schools in Korea and each has a different preference for teaching levels. Accordingly, we will find a position that matches your skill level. Finally, even the lowest salaries still provide you with lots of money! No matter what salary you earn, you will be able to save thousands and thousands of dollars throughout your year.

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