Preparing for a Skype Video Interview with a Korean school

Learn what you need to know when preparing for a Skype video interview with a Korean school so that you will be successful and land yourself that job teaching ESL in Korea!

As teacher interviews are not able to be conducted in person, many Korean school owners are now turning towards Skype video interviews over the standard phone interview, so that they can see the job candidate in real time. Ah…technology!

While you may think that the Skype video interview would be more difficult,  here are 5 great tips that you can use in preparing for a Skype video interview with a Korean school that you can use to your advantage:

5 Tips for a Successful Skype Video Interview

Skype Interview Tip #1

This may be obvious, but be on time!  Nothing is more insulting to an interviewer than having to wait to speak with someone who is applying to work for them!  Remember the old sports motto: If you’re 10 minutes early, you’re late! Get on Skype 10 minutes before the interview and if you have not already, add the school’s Skype ID to your contact list. If the interviewer logs on early, you will make yourself look diligent to them – always a good thing.

Skype Interview Tip #2

As you are speaking with a Korean native, you want to make sure you follow the same guidelines as the phone interview, by remembering to enunciate, speak clearly and slowly. You want to make sure you are understood, just as you would in the ESL classroom. The interviewer will be looking for this.

Skype Interview Tip #3

Dress for success! Think of the impression that you would make if you showed up for the Skype interview in a t-shirt. Now think of the impression you would make in a dress shirt and tie or a blouse. Enough said.

Skype Interview Tip #4

Be animated!  You can’t use your hands or arms in a phone interview (well you can, but no one will see you!), so take advantage of this and show how you will be an exciting, animated teacher in the classroom!

Skype Interview Tip #5

Make sure that you are in a quiet setting where you will not be bothered by your barking dog or your annoying, intrusive, roommate. Also remember to be in an appropriate setting; don’t have your unmade bed in the background, but rather a wall or a desk.

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